Innovation Funding

Funding for music education

Innovation Funding is available for schools to establish new projects, activities, and delivery for pupils.

Funding will be available so schools can start or build upon provision in addition to their usual musical activities. All programmes are fully funded initially, must consist of new or additional provision, and have an agreement to continue activities beyond this initial period. All applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the Music Service by email for more information –

Instrumental and Vocal Teaching – 5 hours per school

Five hours of lesson time delivered as one hour a week for five weeks, to establish a group of learners ahead of this becoming an established offer.  After the initial phase, costs / a contribution can be passed on to parents to support this work. 

The offer could be five hours of work with one new group of pupils or a rotation for different classes / groups / bubbles to promote music lessons, working towards establishing a new programme. Our team has a wide range of instrumental and vocal specialisms to offer.

The five-week programme can take place during the first or second half of the summer term.

Whole Class Ensemble Teaching – 10 hours per school

Ten hours of visit time delivered as one hour a week for ten weeks.  To work with instruments and the voice with a whole class giving access to all children as part of their curriculum provision.  This is a key DfE strategy for music education, and it is important that this programme starts with a plan for how all children wishing to continue will be able to.  This is essential where parental financial contribution may be a challenge.

Financial Support