Instrument Loan

If your child is going to learn to play a musical instrument with our service, and you do not have your own available, then they can access this through the service at no additional charge.  Once you have agreed your lessons with the school then the music service teacher will organise for an instrument to be available, and this will be delivered to the school.

There is no additional charge for instrument loan although you are responsible for the instrument whilst it is on loan to your child.  If a repair is required, then the teacher will make the arrangements and may supply a replacement while the repair is being made.

We know that accidents happen and that instruments do get damaged.  Parents should not attempt to repair instruments as this may cause more damage.  Please return instruments that may need repair to the school office.

*There are some exceptions to the normal instrument loan process for larger or electric instruments e.g., Drum Kit, Keyboard and Piano.  Please contact us for more information. 


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