Playing and Singing

The best possible music education usually takes place where children can have music lessons in school, delivered by experienced and suitable qualified teachers, with support from their parents or carers.

Get Started

To get your child started, you can take the steps below:


  • Contact your school office to find out what is currently offered and any charges. Although it is usually best to enquire with your school in the summer term, ahead of starting lessons in September, it is often possible to start mid-year
  • Check the cost of lessons, this could be a weekly, termly or an annual charge and prices vary between schools depending on take up, levels of subsidy and educational priorities
  • Contact the Music Service to ask for financial support
  • If your school does not currently offer lessons, then please ask them to contact us or feel free to do this to discuss alternative options for learning
  • If your school asks you to register directly with the Music Service, then you can sign up here.

Further Details

  • We deliver 36 weeks of tuition across the year to most schools in Staffordshire
  • Lessons are mostly delivered in school time which means that you do not have to make special arrangements to take your child somewhere else for lessons
  • Lessons in school mean that your child’s school and teacher are aware of their musical learning and can signpost additional opportunities that become available
  • Practice and lessons over several years will enable the best progress
  • If you do not have your own instrument, we can loan one to you at no additional cost if you are having lessons or playing in a Staffordshire music group, click here to find out more.

Instrument Loan