Pupils and Parents 

It’s hard to imagine life without music. It reaches out to all of us in some way throughout our lives. Music is a key part of being human, it fuels our minds, inspires creativity, and helps bring people together.

Inspiring Creativity

Making music is an amazing experience, it helps to:

  • develop listening and learning skills
  • develop teamwork
  • express ideas and creativity
  • improve confidence, self-esteem, and well-being

Most music lessons in Staffordshire are organised by schools, and the school office can be the first point of contact for parents wanting to enquire about booking lessons.  In some cases, lessons take place in school, but the booking comes directly to the Music Service.

The Service currently partners with over 260 schools to provide weekly instrument and vocal teaching and you can find out if your school is involved, and whether to book via the school or directly with the service.

Playing and Singing

Instrument loan

Taking exams

Join a music group

Financial Support

Our Aim

We aim to follow the behaviour codes and strategies used on each individual school site. To give schools, pupils and the team further reassurance, Music Service teachers adopt a simple approach to delivering successful sessions in a positive learning environment:


  • Be Safe
  • Be Kind
  • Be Respectful

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